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dc.contributor.authorPolovyi, Mykola-
dc.identifier.otherDOI : 10.14746/pp.2018.23.4.6-
dc.descriptionArticle in Przegląd Politologicznyen_US
dc.description.abstractThe subject of this paper is international migration into EU countries. The research objective is a quantitative estimation of the volume of international migration flows into European countries and their close neighbors until 2050. The forecast of international migration flows is based on the author’s own model of global international migration. The model is based on a synergetic approach and assumptions that the level of migration is determined first of all by the number of existing migrants from that country. The data used for the forecast is UN data on migration flows in 1990–2015, and the UN’s predictions regarding changes in population between now and 2050. The forecast is based on the medium scenario of demographic development offered by the UN. Countries with a current population of more than 5 million are taken into consideration as potential sources of immigration. The predicted values of the total number of international migration flows to each of the EU and neighboring countries for each five-year period until 2050 are determined. The predicted migration flows from EU countries are also determined. It is concluded that the forecasts allow us to claim that the problem of migration will continue for EU countries. However, the essence of this problem is not the prevention of excess migration, but attracting migrants to the countries of the ‘second Europe.’en_US
dc.publisherPoznan: PressTo Uniwersitet im. Adama Mickieviczaen_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesPrzegląd Politologiczny;Nr 4 (2018)-
dc.subjectforecasts of international migration flows until 2050en_US
dc.subjectsimulation of international migrationen_US
dc.subjectmigration to the EUen_US
dc.titleA forecast of international migration flows into EU countries until 2050en_US
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