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Title: Modern vision of the bioeconomy dashboard
Authors: Лимар, В.В.
Keywords: Bioeconomy
Food & feed
Sustainable growth
Biobased products
Renewable resources
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: The paper is devoted to studying modern vision of the bioeconomy dashboard. Last twenty years bioeconomy was in the focus of scientists of different fields of science. This phenomenon is interdisciplinary and combines knowledge and ideas of biology, chemistry, mathematics, economics and agronomy. Some of its sectors, for instance, agriculture and food & feed sectors have a long history and developed not like a part of the bioeconomy but separate sectors. As to forestry, aquaculture, biofuel production and biotechnology, these sectors are rather new and got their development in the second part of the twentieth century. The EU countries has the biggest experience in studying bioeconomy concept. Experts of the EC provided in 2012 Bioeconomy Strategy and Action Plan "Innovating for Sustainable Growth: A Bioeconomy for Europe". We found out that the bioeconomy sectors revenue have grown on average more than 10% every year over the past decade - much faster than the other sectors of economy. Bioeconomy has the great potential for development that allows presuming the economic growth of its sectors in coming decades.
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