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Authors: Makogon, Yu.V.
Keywords: the Silk Road, the new Silk Road, transit capacity of territory, "one belt-one road", economic belt.
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: The article deals with the historical background for the creation of the Silk Road. Based on the research conducted the article defines the routes of cargo transportation of the ancient and modern Silk Road and analyzes the background for creation of the "New Economic Belt - The Great Silk Road". This article briefly describes the perspectives of the Silk Road Development Initiative to facilitate the trade and investments to Central Asia and other countries of “The Great Silk Road”. The author states that the successful implementation of the project of building the "New Silk Road" will, in some way, even mark the beginning of the new era, the era of active expansion of Asia into young and exuberant Europe. One of the main goals of the "One Belt - One Road" initiative is the development of China's central and western regions. The Chinese initiative is more inwardlydirected than outwardly-directed towards the Chinese economy and Chinese society. The paper has analysed the background of development of the geo-economical code of Ukraine and has studied the modern trade relationship between Ukraine and China. The author has researched the possibilities of using the potential of Ukraine to implement the conceptual provisions of the project "One Belt, One Road" and has paid much attention to the main goals of this project. Author states that as the potential for economic cooperation between states is closely Економічний вісник НТУУ «КПІ» - 2018 (15) 115 related to the infrastructure projects, Ukraine should take measures aimed at developing its own infrastructure capacity. The article notes that if China's plan concerning “The Great Silk Road” is successfully implemented (which anticipates China's direct access to Europe through Central Asia and the Caucasus), Ukraine will play a brand new geopolitical role of the "first European country of the Silk Road."
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