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Title: Neurostrategy: An advance through the paradigm epistemological in strategic management?
Authors: Ascher, David
Silva, Wesley
Polowczyk, Jan
Damião da Silva, Eduardo
Keywords: Decision-Making
Cognitive Neuroscience
Systematic Review
Behavioral Strategy
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: This paper investigates the changes in strategic management with emphasis to neurostrategy, which recently appeared in the scientific research as a new way to evaluate and discuss the decision-making in strategic management. Using the epistemological review based on Kuhn models of scientific revolutions, this study proposes, through a systematic review in journals from 2006 until now, proper division and approach to use neuroscience within strategic management. The conclusion is that tools of neuroscience are promising in the strategic management, but there is still much misunderstanding about what would be neuroscientific research and behavioral research and the contribution to these new fields of studies on strategic management lies on a proposition to a better classification of them. As a novelty, we propose a discussion to define possible new epistemological paradigms which neuroscience brings to the field of study about strategic management.
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