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dc.contributor.authorKozlovskyi, Serhii-
dc.contributor.authorBolhov, Vladyslav-
dc.contributor.authorYousuf, Allam-
dc.contributor.authorBatechko, Albina-
dc.contributor.authorHlushchenko, Larisa-
dc.contributor.authorVitka, Nataliia-
dc.description.abstractThe marketing development of the electric vehicle market can be considered as a key element of innovative changes in the national economy. Object of research is the development of the electric vehicle market. The purpose of this article is the theoretical substantiation and development of guidelines for determining the rating of countries by the level of development of this market as a determining factor in the innovative development of the national economy. In the study was used expert survey methods, logical generalization and comparison of results, statistical analysis and graphical presentation of results were used. The study conducted a marketing analysis of sales and production of electric cars, government programs to stimulate them, existing rating indicators of countries for the development of the electric vehicle market, and based on the results, a method for determining the integrated rating indicator of national economy innovativeness was developed. The article established that in countries that are world economic leaders, the growing interest of consumers and manufacturers of cars to electric vehicles, which is actively supported by government programs and incentives. We propose to use a integrated indicator of innovative development of the national economy, which are directly related to the market of electric vehicles. This indicator consists of the following factors: share of investments in the development of branches related to the national production of electric vehicles; level of growth of electric transport in the country's total fleet; the share of electric vehicles in total number of cars produced in the country; level of increase in the amount of electricity produced based on RES in total; infrastructure development; level of state support for the market. The use of these integrated factors in marketing analysis will determine the level of the world leader in the country, its innovative development.en_US
dc.subjectmarketing, sales, production, electric cars, market, promotion, innovation, development, rating, environmental friendlinessen_US
dc.titleMarketing analysis of the electromobile market as a factor in the innovation of the national economyen_US
dc.typeBook chapteren_US
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