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dc.contributor.authorKlymchuk, O.V.-
dc.contributor.authorKhodakivska, O.V.-
dc.identifier.otherUDC 338.246.025.2:620.952-
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of the article is to substantiate fundamental principles and systemic approaches regarding efficient regulation of national competitive biofuels production. Research methods. The following scientific methods were used during the research: dialectical and analytical abstraction methods for systemizing historical pre-conditions for establishment and development of biofuel production; monographic for research of prior formation fundamentals and regulatory mechanisms for energetics policy and biofuel production; forecasting for forming conceptual principles for regulation and improvement of development strategy for competitive biofuel competitive; abstract and logical for forming theoretical generalizations and conclusion. Research results. Algorithm of legal support and organization-economic regulation of competitive biofuel production was proposed due to the research results. Hierarchical levels of potential options for biofuel production and consumption in Ukraine were defined. Principles for consistency, adjustability, ultrastability, competence and synergy were proposed for formation and development of competitive biofuel production in Ukraine, along with generally accepted principles for state regulatory policy, which are expediency, adequacy, efficiency, harmony, predictability, transparency and consideration of public opinion. Elements of scientific novelty. Scientific novelty of the research lies in the further developed mechanism for regulation of competitive biofuel production based on fundamental principles objective patterns, which differ from present scientific developments by providing priority to innovativeness and cluster approach. Practical significance. Regulation instruments for biofuel production were studied, which strengthens economic and energy independence of the country, as well as provides conditions for growth of biofuel’s competitiveness on the energy market.en_US
dc.subjectstate regulation; economic development; energy independence; biofuel industry; competitiveness; regulation instruments.en_US
dc.titleRegulatory policy of competitive biofuel production in Ukraineen_US
dc.typeBook chapteren_US
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