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Title: Cyberbullying as a form of the manifestation of the adolescents’ deviant behavior
Other Titles: Кібербуллінг як форма прояву девіантної поведінки підлітків
Authors: Overchuk, Victoriia
Keywords: Bullying
age of crisis
Internet technologies
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: Violent behavior, violence, violence among teenagers have always been one of the actual problems of the educational environment, however, in recent years, these phenomenon are becoming more common and lead to severe psychological phenomenon. Today bullying of some people over others, as a social phenomenon is present in various stages of formation and development of the human personality since childhood. Bullying is the word has evolved into the international term and includes a number of serious social, psychological, legal and pedagogical problems and is one of the urgent problems of our time, which requires careful study. Lately, the experts have talked about the output of bullying beyond the real space in the virtual space. Bullying is becoming dangerous every day, as it can be done using Internet technologies. Despite the similarity of bullying with cyberbullying, the last has a number of significant differences. Those, who organize the Internet harassment, are confident in their impunity, they enjoy the permissiveness which they are given to virtual space, the lack of control by adults, and the ability to be different. Cyberbullying inflicts the negative effect on all levels of the functioning of the adolescent. Thus, cyberbullying is one of the forms of negative deviation that has arosen in the epoch of the information society. The very important task of the timely reacting and prevention of this dangerous phenomenon stand before parents, psychologists, social workers, teachers. Bullying leaves a negative imprint in the consciousness not only victim, but also all who participate in or watch her. An important task for Ukrainian society was to learn to see and critically assess the relationship between younger generations in order to prevent deviations and their consequences.
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