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Title: Natural gas market in Ukraine: coexistence issues of competitive and monopolistic behavior
Authors: Тарасенко, Л.О.
Keywords: Competition
Natural monopoly
Vertically integrated undertaking
Natural gas market
Third energy package
Issue Date: 2020
Description: The gas industry plays an extremely important role in the level of energy supply, energy independence of the state, its effective functioning, which is reflected in all areas of activity. All the issues, which are related to gas production, transmission, distribution, and consumption, in general, and enterprises, which operate in this industry, in particular, remain relevant from the point of view, that the European vector was chosen by Ukraine. The importance of this subject is justified by strengthening the focus of administrative and legal regulation on structural changes in the market: from a monopolistic structure, which has arisen historically to competitive, which manifests itself in the increase of natural gas market participants now. The existence of natural monopoly has been resulted by the specifics of the gas industry. At the same time, the fact that the sole ownership of the gas market is justified, such a situation distorts competition, deprives the incentive to invest in the network’s development, discriminates against certain business entities regarding network access, etc. The modern natural gas market model of Ukraine is being investigated in the article. The optimality of the simultaneous existence of monopolistic and competitive entities on the natural gas market is justified. The structure of the natural gas market in the Netherland, as a country, which has a significant influence on the formation of the European market, is an example of the successful creation of a transparent high competitive market for industrial and household customers for many years. Requirements imposed by regulations for the functioning of the natural gas market are systematized.
ISSN: 2533-4794
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