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Title: New business models based on internet
Authors: Polowczyk, J.
Keywords: Business model
Moore's law
Evolutionary algorithm
Sharing economy
Digital disruption
Total outsourcing
Issue Date: 2016
Description: The goal of the paper is to investigate how digital technologies support new business models. Globalization and digitalisation are constantly shifting the sources of market advantage forcing companies to adapt. New technologies, products and services are continuously appearing. They create new business models which replace the old and contribute to new ways of corporate value creation. The paper presents new business models based on examples of companies such as Uber, or Airbnb. Changes in technology have been explained by the so-called G.Moore's law which supports new business models as well as the Internet of Things and the Internet of Energy, and 3D printing technology. Sharing, openness and transparency have become the foundations of new business models. Breakthrough technologies diversify opportunities for new businesses and new ways of value creation. Internet technologies create new combinations of products, services and business models and, step-by-step, replace the old technologies and traditional business dogmas.
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