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Authors: Filipishyn, Igor
Oliinyk, Larysa
Vlasenko, Ivan
Keywords: region, economic safety, agrarian sector, economic safety system, Ukraine
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: At present, the system of ensuring economic security of the agrarian sector of Ukraine is not effective enough. This is primarily due to the fact that at the state level, there are no clear national decisions on ensuring the economic safety of the agrarian sector. The study established that development of economic safety system for the agrarian sector should take into account its resistance to external and internal factors, which could lead to systemic crisis in the agrarian sector development. In this regard, the category of the agrarian sector’s economic safety can be interpreted as the state of agrarian economy sector protection from all kinds of threats, which enables it to form and implement its own economic policy in the field of regulation and stimulation of the agrarian sector development in the indicative limits established by the state, as well as to provide economic stability and the ability of the agrarian sector to reproduce and develop. The strategic goal of building a comprehensive system of agrarian sector economic safety is to create the necessary conditions for the development of agrarian sector enterprises and to provide economic stability and territory socio-economic development stability. In order to achieve this goal, a task tree and an algorithm for building an integrated system of Ukrainian agrarian sector economic safety have been developed.
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