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Title: Algorithm of Intelligent Urban Traffic
Authors: Boguto, D.G.
Kadomskiy, K.K.
Nikolyuk, P.K.
Pidgurska, A.I.
Keywords: intersection
piezoelectric sensor
traffic light
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: The aim of this work is solution of a specific issue – traffic problem in a big city. To solve this problem we examined the city roads intersection - the main source of the traffic congestion. Intersection is a basic element in the technology of urban traffic regulation. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to implement the intellectual regulation of vehicles movement through a separate intersection. Such regulation is carried out with a help of a computer program that takes into account the vehicle road situation at the intersection and the corresponding adjustment of the traffic lights signal phases. At a second stage it is necessary to plan an optimal route for each vehicle using, for example, A*-algorithm and the spectrum of data received from an infrastructure of the urban network. As a result of an application of these two phases of urban traffic regulation, an optimal movement regime of all city mobile transport is achieved.
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