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Other Titles: Логічний аналіз форм гумору при патологізації особистості
Authors: Krupelnytska, L.F.
Shportun, O.M.
Keywords: humor forms
pathologization of humor
cognitive component
affective component
correlation of cognitive and affective components
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: The article is devoted to the analysis of humor forms considering personality pathologization. Various forms of humor manifestation, in accordance with our proposed regulatory-level model, reflect the dominance of a certain level of regulation – biological, social, reflexive and personality. Normally humor functioning occurs involving different levels of regulation under the background control of personality level. Disabling the personality level of control or rigid fixation on a certain level of regulation is the most typical violation at psychic pathology. The analysis is based on two humor components: cognitive and affective and the most widespread violations of these components at psychic disorders. When in cognitive paradigm it comes to the discrepancy on the level of ideas and cognitions, then in affective one it comes to the affective discrepancy, contradiction between the affects, by which «are charged» the cognitions that come into collision. The article attention is focused on the variants combination of the content components of cognitive sphere with the functioning variety of affective sphere. To the most common cognitive sphere disorders are referred: lowering level of generalization, abstraction processes and distortion of generalization process; to the affective sphere disorders – affective lability, affective rigidity, depressive and manic tendencies, emotional stupidity. Changes in any component are reflected on humor functioning character. Taking into account that it may be many such changes in each component with the development of pathology, there will be more possible combinations that are resulted in changes of certain parameters of humor. Accordingly, we described 17 correlations of cognitive and affective components, which are formed by combinations of different variants of violations.
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