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Title: Defining market leader for competitiveness based on comparison of companies potential
Authors: Bahliuk, Y.
Stupina, O.
Keywords: Market of mineral water
Comparison of potentials
Method of square of potentials
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: Potential as one of main component parts of competitiveness is considered in the article. The method «Square of potential» is considered for research of enterprise potential, methodology of calculation of square of potential is certain. The basic requirements, advantages and lacks of application of method, are set for market subjects. At level with that the article is sanctified to the investigation of mineral water market in Ukraine. The leader of the mineral water market is defined. It is «Myrhorod plant of mineral waters», that enters in IDS Group Ukraine. The method of square of potential is applied. It allowed to confirm of hypothesis, that potential of market leader, as the most competitive producer, has the best structure of potential. As basic competitors for comparison were select of «Erlan» and «Obolon», as powerful producers in industry. As a result of research main defects and possibilities were certain for further development of competitiveness of the investigated enterprises. The estimation of potential was conducted on the basis of general finantial and economical indicators.
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