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Title: Influence of ecologization tendencies in the world on renewal and development of motor car industry in Ukraine
Authors: Bahliuk, Y.
Kryzhanivska, I.
Keywords: Pollution of the environment
Motor car industry
Electric car
Environmental standards
Electric vehicles technology
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: In the article theprocess of ecologization motor car industry in the world is considered. It is defined, that extrass of exhaust-gass of cars are principal reason of exceeding maximum of possible concentrations of toxic substances and carcinogens in the atmosphere of largecities, formation of smogs that are frequent reason of poisoning. Ecological standards that operate in the countries of EU for adjusting of content of harmful substances in exhaust gass are analysed. Motor car industry is an eventual step of productive pyramid and determines the level of technological development of country. Therefore the construction of the developed motor car industry requires the self-weighted public policy. It is wellproven that it is expedient to change the existent format of motor car industry Ukraine and take a reference-point on development of electric vehicles, stimulating not only a market but also input of own production. It will help in the nearest prospect to result in the speed-up bringing in of frontrank technologies and increase of economy.
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