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Title: Risk management and financing of higher education innovative development under the civilizational changes
Authors: Polischuk, Natalia
Kichuk, Yaroslav
Laktionova, Oleksandra
Kalinin, Oleksandr
Maltsev, Maksim
Keywords: Innovative
Risks management
Financing education
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: The research of the information and high-tech progress development in the socio-humanitarian aspect allowed us to reveal its consequences in the context of natural and civilizational challenges and areas of financing education. The risks management and general trends were clarified of innovative education development at the institutions in the era of information-high-tech progress and natural-civilizational changes, which have created fundamentally new opportunities for justifying educational strategies and should be based on the categories of pedagogy of the noosphere-space direction. Therefore, it is necessary to build new pedagogical theories on the synthesis of philosophical-educational, philosophical-anthropological, polyparadigmal, civilizational-formational and cultural approaches. According to this principle, lifelong learning becomes important in order to meet the challenges of modern progress and counteract destructive natural and civilizational changes.
ISSN: 2178-2679
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