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Title: Linhvistychni studiyi linguistic studies
Other Titles: International collection of scientific papers
Authors: Загнітко, Анатолій
Краснобаєва-Чорна, Жанна
Гушпіт, Ольга
Ситар, Ганна
Важеніна, Олена
Клименко, Наталія
Мельник, Наталія
Романишин, Наталія
Царьова, Ірина
Мізін, Костянтин
Коростенські, Йиржі
Черненко, Ольга
Болкарьова, Олександра
Антонюк, Олена
Загнітко, Анатолій
Мойсієнко, Анатолій
Струганець, Любов
Issue Date: 2020
Abstract: The collection considers current issues of the theory of language, ascertains the tendencies of evolution of morphological and syntactic categories, identifies the topical issues of comparative-typological study of languages, as well as text linguistics, discourse studies, and discourse analysis, determines the peculiarities of functional semantics of lexical and phraseological units, outlines the features of ethnolinguistics, linguoculturology, and onomastics, highlights the areas of applied linguistics, denotes the evaluation of relevance and importance of recent linguistic works. The collection is intended for scientists, lecturers, post-graduate students and students-philologists.
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