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Title: Synonymizer of the Ukrainian Language: Stage of Creation, Features of a Database Update and Software Implementation
Authors: Sytar, H.
Vietrov, O.
Diachenko, D.
Keywords: Database
Polysemous word
Ukrainian language
Issue Date: 2021
Abstract: In the study of the highlighted stage of creating a synonymizer of the Ukrainian language - a computer program that replaces words as synonyms in texts in the Ukrainian language. Before allowing the participant to choose synonyms from the list of suggested. The main stages of creating a synonymizer are: 1) analysis of available synonymizer programs in other languages; 2) problem statement; 3) compiling a register of synonyms of the Ukrainian language based on authoritative lexicographical works; 4) database design; 5) test filling of the database; 6) Python implementation program; 7) construction of the visual interface; 8) testing of the created computer product. The structure of the database "Synonyms of the Ukrainian language" is defined, which includes 5 interdependent tables. Peculiarities of representation in the database of polysemous words and homonymous words are shown. Prospects for further research, in particular, the involvement of synonymous transformations at the sentence level (sentence transformation, sentence conversion, etc.).
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