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Title: The Functional and Pragmatic Peculiarities of the Anthropocentric Phraseological Units in Different Languages and Cultural Environments (on the Descriptive Material of Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, English)
Other Titles: L I N G U I S T I C S / K A L B O T Y R A
Authors: Гнатюк, Любомира Ярославівна
Keywords: linguo-cultural concepts
anthropocentric phraseological units
animalistic component
pragmatic function
national and cultural identity
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Kaunas University of Technology
Abstract: The article attempts to outline some characteristics of the selected Ukrainian-Russian-Polish-English anthropocentric phraseological units. The author strives to show a significant role of anthropocentric phraseological units in the representation of a cultural mentality, as well as in reflecting the national and cultural identity. The investigated examples are grouped into several paradigms, each reflecting a special human trait. It is the first attempt to draw parallels as well contrasts between phraseologies in a given semantic paradigm both in related Ukrainian, Russian, Polish and non-related English languages. The attempt has been done to learn and understand the national spirit of certain ethnic group through anthropocentric phraseological units. This is one of the first attempts when these four languages – Polish, English, Russian and Ukrainian, have been compared in the certain paradigms of anthropocentric phraseologies reflecting the national and cultural identity in order to capture the spirit of the target language. It is essential for effective cross-cultural communication because the national and cultural factors of a single speech environment significantly affect not only the elements of the communicative code, but they are also important in the communication process with all its components, i.e. principles, maxims, rules of communication, communication strategies and tactics.
ISSN: 1648-2824
DOI 10.5755/j01.sal.0.30.17724 9
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