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Title: Modern Types of Psychological Correction and their Practical Application
Authors: Overchuk, Victoria
Lazorko, Olha
Zhylin, Mykhailo
Bereziak, Kseniia
Savelchuk, Iryna
Keywords: Psychological Help
Game Therapy
Art Therapy
Innovative Methods
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Medknow Publications
Abstract: The behavior of each individuum is caused by the complex process of reflecting the conditions surrounding him, therefore the objective of psychological correction is the reorientation of the psychological component of human behavior. The present academic paper has analyzed the basic types of psychological correction, which are widely used by psychologists. The classification of psychological correction according to different criteria has been considered. A study of the effectiveness of psychological correction methods has been conducted. The author describes examples of the application of psychological correction methods by using specific practices. The main directions of using art in the correctional methodology have been described. The stages of the procedure of gradual reduction of emotional outbursts have been analyzed. This investigation presents ways to use the method of social therapy in relation to children. Much attention is paid to the process of game therapy in childhood. After all, it is known that various psychological difficulties that have arisen in childhood can create unacceptable preconditions for the violation of the child’s personal development in the future. The characteristic features of psychotherapists’ use of psycho correction methods have been analyzed, namely: game therapy, art therapy, systematic desensitization, method of tokens, holding method, and social therapy. The analysis of the topic of this academic paper has been carried out with the application of domestic data, as well as it is also based on research conducted on the basis of the experience of European countries and the United States.
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