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Authors: Потапова, Надія Анатоліївна
Зелінська, Оксана Владиславівна
Волонтир, Людмила Олексіївна
Keywords: mathematical and statistical analysis
mathematical model
factor effect
information technologies
model parameters
Issue Date: 2020
Series/Report no.: Технічні науки;
Abstract: The article covers the methodological issues of mathematical and statistical evaluation of the information technology use. The necessity of using information technologies to ensure control system flexibility has been substantiated. The impact of the level of integration of implemented information technologies on the increase of production management efficiency through data processing models and use of a single information space has been determined. To achieve the appropriate characteristics of stochastic processes of information technology, it is proposed to use methodological approaches to modeling on the basis of mathematical and statistical evaluation with elements of correlation and regression analysis. We have established the features of regression model development on the basis of which the estimation of the modeled process is carried out in the forecasting period. The paper investigates the issue of modeling methodology based on correlation and regression models and special cases in their evaluation. The main stages of model development and the sequence of their implementation are given. The impact on the number of enterprises that use computer technology in their activities, such factors as: Internet connection, the use of social media and the availability of websites has been assessed. Particular attention is paid to the use of social media as one of the key resources in defining the ideology of using information resources. The model parameters were estimated by the least square method. The analysis of the influence of the studied factors has been carried out based on the obtained regression model parameters taking into account their significance on the influence of the process of information technology use. The necessity of theoretical substantiation of interdependent factor effect with the application of variance analysis and mathematical theory of hypotheses has been proved.
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