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Authors: Matsyshyna, Iryna
Keywords: presidential administration
V. Yushchenko
V. Yanukovych
G. Gongadze
Gas Princess
L. Kuchma
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Czech Republic: «European Political and Law Discourse»
Series/Report no.: EUROPEAN POLITICAL AND LAW DISCOURSE;Volume 5 Issue 6 с.191-197
Abstract: There are instruments which can help to find logic and mechanisms for constructing political reality, to find the relationship between the author and the reader, the socio‐cultural and political environment. And the semiotic approach gives us such possibility. For political scientists, signs and symbols are primarily a text, which consists of words, images, sounds, and gestures. It is a certain sign system, which analysis allows understanding how the use of signs creates a sense. Of course, a channel that transmits a message plays an important role, and due to its influence semiotic texts receive their additional information. On the other hand, political institutes involved in the production of messages communicate with the audience, therefore, the peculiarity of its perception also forms the specifics of texts. In general, the concept of "political semiotics" may be understood as the use of symbols in order to stabilize political power. Thereby, the main subject of this study is how that stabilization was taking place during the presidency of L. Kuchma in Ukraine.
Description: Стаття у міжнародному журналі EUROPEAN POLITICAL AND LAW DISCOURSE
ISSN: ISSN 2336‐5439
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