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Title: Improving Bank Capitalization in Terms of Increasing the Competitiveness of the Banking System
Authors: Волкова, Н.І.
Волкова, В.В.
Issue Date: 2019
Description: In terms of crisis economy, increasing banking competition, growing requirements of the Basel Accord to ensure the bank capital adequacy, bank capitalization is an objective condition for increasing the banking system stability and reliability. The crisis of the real economy, financial and banking sectors lead to reducing creditworthiness of most borrowers, thus affecting the return of bank loans, and hence the possibile development of the real sector of economy. It should be noted that the process of the Ukrainian banks’ capitalization significantly lags behind the real needs of the country’s economy and does not meet the bank regulator requirements. Increasing bank capital is the main task of Ukraine’s banking system because the formation of the financial foundation, the creation of the necessary conditions for the sustainable development of the banking sector, as well as the creation of prerequisites for economic growth in the state depends on its implementation.
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