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Title: Synergistic effects of agricultural intensification of dioeconomic security: experience of Poland, Ukraine and Azerbaijan
Authors: Zalizko, Vasyl
Talavyria, Mykola
Lymar, Valeriia
Baidala, Viktoriia
Keywords: Bioeconomic security
Knowledge-intensive activities
National innovation system
Innovation creating
Synergistic effects
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: The paper is devoted to bioeconomic security on the European continent in the context of international innovation system creation. The aim of the paper is to study a new direction of bioeconomics - the formation of conditions for strengthening economic security the contextin to define the elements of national innovation system. We define the category "bioeconomic security" and main elements of the national innovation system: synergistic knowledge and innovation creating; shift to innovative advanced technologies; implementation of effective organizational and administrative solutions for creation of agro-biotechnology clusters; promotion of complex resource preservation and transition to renewable energy; implementation of large-scale research. To strengthen economic security of the European countries, it is necessary to organize a comprehensive monitoring of all necessary indicators (using the integrated index) and begin to form bioenergetic clusters. The calculated index bioeconomic security clearly shows that four different countries (Poland, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and the Netherlands) that have individual advantages will be able to create a positive synergetic effect if they join a single bioenergetic cluster. Thus, it can be argued that bioeconomic security on the European continent is possible only if all European innovation systems are integrated into one complex system, which will ensure a high probability of energy independence.
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