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Title: Presidency of Aleksander Kwaśniewski in Poland (1995 - 2005): competence, decision-making,and political thought
Authors: Modrzejewski, Arkadiusz
Keywords: Presidency of Aleksander Kwaśniewski
Political thought
System transformation
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: The paper is dedicated to political thought and decisions of Aleksander Kwaśniewski, the president of the Republic of Poland between 1995 and 2005. I will present Aleksander Kwaśniewski as a political decision maker and political visionary focusing on his activity in internal and international politics. He was an architect of the Polish political and constructional system and one of the most influential politicians in Poland. He created new of attitudes of the head of state. His presidency was during the time of political stabilization and consolidation of Polish democracy. Dialogue and conciliation were features of his political character. He tried to avoid political conflicts however he represented a clear political doctrine. He defined himself as a social democrat and social liberal. Indeed, the analysis of his speeches, interviews and publications reveals his political vision and situates him as a representative of the centre-left. International politics was a next important sphere of his activity. During his presidency Poland became a member of NATO and the European Union.
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