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Title: Managing the sustainability of economic system as the basis of investment development in Ukraine
Authors: Kozlovskyi, Serhii
Khadzhynov, Illya
Vlasenko, Ivan
Marynchak, Liliya
Keywords: management, investment climate, economic sustainability, development, state, security, forecasting of the economic sustainability, Ukraine
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: Therefore, nowadays the issues of studying the categories of «economic sustainability», «economic sustainability management» and the peculiarities of these concepts are especially relevant. Their use would provide an opportunity to ensure the sustainable and most effective functioning of the subject of economic relations in the current period of time, as well to create a high potential for its development and ensuring the conditions for investing capital in the Ukrainian economy. All this determined the purpose of this study, which consists in the study of the theory and essence of the concept of economic sustainability, the interpretation of the concept of «economic sustainability of the system» and the concept of «management of economic sustainability of the system», distinguishing factors affecting the sustainability of the economic system of Ukraine, determining the relationship of economic sustainability with economic security, investing as well as forecasting the level of sustainability of the Ukrainian economy based on the use of innovative modeling methods. The object of research is the process of developing the theory of the concept of «economic sustainability» and determining the level of economic sustainability of the economy aimed at raising the investment climate in Ukraine. To ensure the development, security and investment attractiveness of the Ukrainian economy, an organizational structure of the management model for the sustainability of the Ukrainian economic system was developed using the developed economic and mathematical model.
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