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Title: Managament of the sustainable development of the agrarian sector of the regions of Ukraine
Authors: Kozlovskyi, Serhii
Baidala, Viktoriia
Tkachuk, Olga
Kozyrska, Tetiana
Keywords: sustainability, agrarian sector, management, government, development
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: Nowadays there is no single generally accepted definition of "sustainability development of the agrarian branch (sector)", which is caused by underdevelopment and the controversy of sustainable development concepts, lack of information for the quantitative measurement of the sustainability degree. To develop a management model of the sustainable development of the agrarian sector in the region it is necessary to define the interpretation of the concept of "economic sustainability of the region" and "economic sustainability of the agrarian sector." The search for new directions and ways of agrarian activities development, which reduce its negative impact on the environment, defined the emergence of a new interpretation of agrarian production sustainability as production, based on the quality of food, quality of life and environmental safety, preservation of conditions for sustainable food ensuring of humanity in the long term. In this general ecological approach to the concept of "sustainability of agrarian sector development of the region" the following categories are distinguished: ecological, productive, economic and social. It is appropriate to supplement them in an intellectual and innovative component. The experience of Ukrainian regions shows that one of the most effective instruments of state regulation of the agrarian sector development of the region could be indicative planning, methodology, technology and organization of which should be built based on the market conditions. The development of indicative plan of agrarian sector development of the region should work together with the approved concept of regional development, based on which a strategic development plan is formed. It should be based on forecasting, which is rightly regarded as part of the indicative planning. It is necessary to rationally combine the actions of all subjects of management of agrarian relations, namely government regulation, market self-organization and management of agrarian sector on order to build an effective system of sustainability management of agrarian sector development of the region and to ensure its sustainable growth.
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