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Title: Economic Security Management of Ukraine in Conditions of European Integration
Authors: Kozlovskyi, Serhii
Grynyuk, Roman
Baidala, Viktoriia
Burdiak, Vira
Bakun, Yuriy
Keywords: European Union, integration, threats to economic security, innovative development, public administration
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: In conditions of political and economic transformation in Ukrain accompanied by decentralization of all aspects of public life, the function of ensuring national security of the country is allocated asan independent administrative function of the state, since it requires centralized state management. The aim of the study is to determine the main factors influencing the provision of economic security, and the improvement of the mechanism for managing the economic security of Ukraine in the context of European integration. The article proves that increasing the level of the economic security of the state is possible on the basis of improving state regulation of economic growth through the development of conceptual and program documents of interregional and territorial planning, and the creation of a comprehensive risk control system. To implement this, it is necessary to: conduct an active state anti-inflation, currency, exchange rate, monetary and fiscal policy focused on import substitution and support of the real economy; stimulating and supporting the development of the market for innovation, high-tech products and products with high added value. It is proved that the innovative model of economic development based on the strategy of institutional market transformation oriented to the formation of the innovative model of economic develo pment can provide Ukraine with competitive advantages among developed countries, realize its national interests in the field of international economic relations and provide the necessary level of economic securit.
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