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Authors: Volkova, N.
Zolotar, А.
Keywords: credit actions
management methods
loan portfolio profitability
results of activity
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: In the article it is investigated the credit risk management. The economic and legal principles of credit risk management of the bank, which are interpreted as risks of occurrence of losses in the bank by debtor as a result of failure, untimely or incomplete execution of financial obligations to the bank according to the terms of the contract, have been clarified. The effectiveness of managing the credit activity of banks depends on a competent credit management system has been proved. Based on the analysis of credit activity of domestic banks for 2015-2018, the negative tendency of their main indicators, which worsens the overall economic situation of our country, has been concluded. Possibilities of managing bank risks by using marketing and management tools aimed at strengthening the financial stability of banks have been identified. The directions of improving the credit risk management of banks have been aimed at improving the efficiency of the credit risk management system to minimize losses by using the method of limitation.
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