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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Managament of the sustainable development of the agrarian sector of the regions of UkraineKozlovskyi, Serhii; Baidala, Viktoriia; Tkachuk, Olga; Kozyrska, Tetiana
2019Management and comprehensive assessment of the probability of bankruptcy of Ukrainian enterprises based on the methods of fuzzy sets theoryKozlovskyi, Serhii; Butyrskyi, Andrii; Poliakov, Boris; Bobkova, Antonina; Lavrov, Ruslan; Ivanyuta, Natalya
2017Managing the sustainability of economic system as the basis of investment development in UkraineKozlovskyi, Serhii; Khadzhynov, Illya; Vlasenko, Ivan; Marynchak, Liliya
2019Marketing analysis of the electromobile market as a factor in the innovation of the national economyKozlovskyi, Serhii; Bolhov, Vladyslav; Yousuf, Allam; Batechko, Albina; Hlushchenko, Larisa; Vitka, Nataliia
2018The marketing strategy for making optimal managerial decisions by means of smart analyticsKozlovskyi, Serhii; Shaulska, Larysa; Butyrskyi, Andrii; Burkina, Natalia; Popovskyi, Yurii
2017The methods of state regulation of sustainable development of agrarian sector in UkraineKozlovskyi, Serhii; Grynyuk, Roman; Baltremus, Olga; Ivashchenko, Anna
2018Modeling and forecasting the level of state stimulation of agricultural production in Ukraine based on the theory of fuzzy logicKozlovskyi, Serhii; Mazur, Hennadii; Vdovenko, Nataliia; Shepel, Tetiana; Kozlovskyi, Volodymyr
2019Special aspects of the banking institutions rating: a case for UkraineLavrov, Ruslan; Beschastnyi, Viktor; Nikolenko, Liudmyla; Yousuf, Allam; Kozlovskyi, Serhii; Sadchykova, Iryna