Show simple item record Abdullin, A.I. Akimenko, Y.Y. Antsupova, T.О. Asatullin, I.R. Biriukov, P.N. Davletgildeev, R.Sh. Galushko, D.V. Gladenko, О.М. Grynyuk, R.F. Tuliakov, V.A. Keshner, M.V. Kislitsina, O.V. Krakovskaya, A.E. Kryvtsova, I.S. Mylnikova, I.Y. Racheva, S.S. Romanchuk, S.V. Shaykhutdinova, G.R. Turchenko, O.G. Tyurina, N.E. Yakovlev, A.A. Zhdanov, I.N. 2020-10-07T08:25:30Z 2020-10-07T08:25:30Z 2016
dc.identifier.isbn 978-5-9273-2332-6
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.title Law of the European Union en_US
dc.type Book en_US

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